Friday, March 26, 2010

First Post - Friday Night

Well it's Friday night. The work week is done.

This is my first post in this blog and I'm hoping to keep adding to it. So we will see.

There are several things I'd like to write about. The first is learning to knit.

I've decided I need a new hobby. So I've decided that I should learn how to knit. This should be interesting, as I've never been a crafty kind of person, but I decided I need to do it. I think it should be fun. I hope.

The other thing I'm going to try to write about is my progress on figuring out how to lose weight and figuring out my stomach. I have to lose a lot of weight and I'm hoping to be down to a normal weight by October of 2011. :) We shall see. Right now I am on a low carb high protein diet. I may have to change this though because it's upsetting my stomach. So it's frustrating at this point.

I am hoping that eventually I'll be able to figure this all out, and figure out what is making my stomach crazy and get that settled. I'm tired of it hurting all the time. It's been worse since I've been on the diet, but I'm hoping it's a coincidence, or maybe I need to get used to eating different foods, and once I get used to it I'll be fine. Here's hoping.

Well I'm tired and I"m going over to play cards with my favorite Uncle Dennis in a moment so I'll have to sign off.


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